2023 Triennial Crest

Rafael Soneghet, Candidate for Non-US CMMRF Trustee

Rafael Poggio Soneghet

Dear Companions,

Having received the Communication regarding the election of a non-US member to be a Trustee at Large
to the Board of Trustees of the CMMRF, I do hereby declare my interest and intention to run for the election
and continue serving in such position.

I am a physician from Säo Paulo, Brazil, graduated in 2014 by the “Universidade Cidade de Säo Paulo”,
working in Family & Community Medicine within a community of very needy people, in Guarulhos/SP,
taking care and attending over 4000 people that live in this area. I am also a preceptor for medical students
of the “Universidade Nove de Julho”, teaching them in the field and a visiting physician for the “Hospital
Presidente”, in Säo Paulo/SP. I have been, also, a Trustee at Large as a non-US member of the Board of
Trustees of the CMMRF for the past three years.

Regarding my Masonic history, I am a Past Master Councilor and Chevalier of the Order of DeMolay, a
Past Illustrious Knight Commander and Past State Illustrious Knight Commander for the State of Säo Paulo
of the Order of Knighthood (DeMolay), being also an honorary State Officer of Michigan DeMolay and
Illinois DeMolay. I am a Past Master of “Fidelitas” Lodge, #409 — Grande Oriente Paulista, from Säo
Paulo/SP, and a Shriner. I am also a Past Regional Deputy General Grand Master of the General Grand
Council of Cryptic Masons International, a Past Grand Secretary for the York Rite of the “Grande Oriente
Paulista”, my Symbolic Obedience, and currently serving as a Deputy Grand Secretary for foreign affairs
of this Grand Orient, and Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Most Illustrious Grand Council of Royal &
Select Masters for the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Apart of the York Rite, I am a “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret” – 32nd Degree Mason of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite, NMJ (USA), a “Patriarch General Inspector” – 33rd Degree Mason of the
Adonhiramite Rite (Brazil), a “Servant of the Order, Fatherland and Humanity” – 33rd Degree Mason of the
Brazilian Rite and a “Knight of Wisdom” – 9th (last) Degree Mason of the Modern Rite (Brazil). In the British
System, I am also a Holy Royal Arch Mason (“Brasilia” Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Masons – Grand
Orient of Brazil), an Installed Master of the Mark Master Masons (“Brasilia” Lodge of Mark Master
Masons), an Installed Commander of the Royal Ark Mariners, a Knight Templar Priest and a Super-Fellow,
Fitter & Marker (III) of the Operatives.

I have also published a few books in Portuguese, all of them being translations from Albert Mackey’s works,
George Cooper’s “Shibboleth — A Templar Monitor”, and Albert Pike’s “The Book of the Words”.
I hope to be able to keep helping to extend the reach of the CMMRF worldwide. With a better
communication to non-US Countries, there is a possibility to perform better research, with the help of
different nationalities, taking in consideration the specificities of each geographical region, its population,
and needs. I honestly believe that we can significantly advance and extend our main Masonic Virtue,
Charity, to a new level, worldwide. I do want to keep contributing in whatever way I can to improve our
philanthropy and to reach every single Cryptic Mason in the world.

If there is any more info needed, please, do not hesitate to ask me.

Fraternally yours,

Rafael P. Soneghet

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