2023 Triennial Crest

Proxy Form:

  • Proxies are valid when given by up to three (3) installed Dais Officers
    • Member Grand Chapter (Usually Grand High Priest, Grand King, and Grand Scribe) for the General Grand Chapter
    • Member Grand Council (usually the Most Illustrious Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Principal Conductor of the Work for the General Grand Council
    • if there are four (Deputy _____, Grand Master of Ceremonies, etc. for instance) only three votes are allowed.
    • The Proxy may be any member of the Member Grand Chapter or Grand Council as stipulated in that jurisdiction’s Constitution and Bylaws.
  • While Most Excellent Past Grand High Priests and Most Illustrious Past Grand Masters have a vote in their own right, these are not allowed to be proxied.

Grand Chapter Proxy

Subordinate Chapter Proxy

Grand Council Proxy

Subordinate Council Delegate