2023 Triennial Crest

Mark Irwin, Candidate for General Grand Recorder

By Right Puissant Companion Mark Irwin
Acting General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Mark Irwin
Acting General Grand Recorder
Cryptic Masons International

The General Grand Council has a long history of preserving the degrees and records of Masonry. The lessons taught in the Cryptic Degrees are important to complement the full York Rite Story. I embrace the preservation of Masonry, in particular the Cryptic Rite, and look to help it grow in the future.

I have spent my life learning, and then applying that knowledge and experience, to solving problems and making things better. I grew up the son of a minister in the United Methodist Church and have held many leadership positions in each of the churches I have been a member of as an adult. This includes being the chair of the Finance, Staff Parish Relations, Trustees Committees and also Church Council President. I have helped build budgets and dealt with many Personnel issues. This extends to my professional life, where I work for the Social Security Administration as an IT Director responsible for the acquisition and management of all agency software contracts and most of the hardware acquisitions. I also direct the formulation and execution of $1 billion annual IT Budget supporting the 2 Data Centers for the agency.

In Masonry, I have followed the same path in learning from many great mentors and leaders over the years and observed where things can be improved. I have applied that to all of the bodies that I have had the honor of presiding over and later as Secretary and Recorder in Delaware. In addition, I have made friendships and connections to Masons around the world. With those relationships, I have developed skills that can help to build the General Grand Recorder’s Officer for the future. My priority will be to provide for the needs of our member Grand Councils and subordinate Councils. I will work with my counterparts in the General Grand Chapter and Grand Encampment to improve processes for fulfillment while reducing costs. My 14 years of experience as Grand Recorder have prepared me for stepping into this role and being successful.

Having served as an Assistant General Grand Recorder since August of 2022, I have learned much of the workings of the office and the interaction with the Trustees. Having been appointed to the Finance Committee for this Triennial, I have been informed of the income and expenses of General Grand Council, and have used that knowledge to make recommendations to use funds more effectively.

All of this experience has led me to seek the office of General Grand Recorder for the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.

I appreciate your consideration and humbly ask for your support.


Mark E. Irwin

Masonic Bio

Blue Lodge
1981 – Raised – Doric Lodge #30 – Millville, Delaware
1984 – Worshipful Master – Doric Lodge #30
1984 – President – District 3 Officer’s Association
1985 – Senior Grand Steward Grand Lodge of Delaware

1981 – Exalted – Hope Chapter #7 – Georgetown, Delaware
1985 – High Priest – Hope Chapter #7
1986 – Affiliated – Zeradatha Chapter #35 – Laurel, Maryland
1989-90 – High Priest – Zeradatha Chapter #35
1989 – Grand Inspector – Maryland

Grand Chapter of Delaware
1996 – Grand Principal Sojourner
2000-02 – Grand Secretary
2007 – Grand High Priest
2010 – F. Irving Crow Award
2015 – present – Grand Secretary
2016 – present – Grand Treasurer

General Grand Chapter
2014-17 – Ambassador to Delaware
2015 – Ephraim Kirby Award
2017 – 20 – General Grand Master of the 3rd Veil
2018 – 20 – Deputy General Grand High Priest-Northeast Region

1981 – Greeted – Joppa Council #3 – Georgetown, Delaware
1984 – Illustrious Master – Joppa Council #3
1986 – Affiliated Laurel Council #22 – Laurel, Maryland
1989-90 – Illustrious Master – Laurel Council #22

Grand Council of Delaware
1986 – Grand Conductor of the Council
1997 – Most Illustrious Grand Master
2000-02 – Grand Recorder
2009 – 2020 – Grand Recorder
2014 – present – Grand Treasurer

General Grand Council
1999-2002 – General Grand Captain of the Guard
2011-14- Ambassador to Delaware
2014 – Order of the Secret Vault
2017 – Mordhurst Award
2020 – Columbian Award
2022-present – Assistant General Grand Recorder

1982 -Knighted – St. Andrew’s Commandery #2 – Dover, Delaware
1989 – Eminent Commander

Grand Commandery
1999 – Grand Commander – Delaware
2000-2002 – Grand Recorder – Delaware
2010 – Knight Commander of the Temple
2012 – present – Grand Treasurer -Delaware
2013 – present – Grand Recorder – Delaware

Other Masonic Affiliations
1990 – Jesse Green Priory #70, KYCH
1999 – Prior
2009-19 – Registrar
2019 – present – Personal Representative District 4 – Convent General

1983 – First State York Rite College #45
1990 – Governor
1994 – present – Secretary
1998 – Order of the Purple Cross
2006-10 – Grand Governor of Delaware

1984 – Delaware Council Knight Masons
1995 – Excellent Chief
1996 – present – Scribe
2022 – present-Superintendent Chesapeake Bay Region

1984 – Keystone Council #113 A.M.D.
1993 – Sovereign Master
1994 – present – Secretary

2001 – Blue Hen Council #388 AMD
2001 – Charter Member-Constituted Council
2001 – present – Charter Secretary

1984 – Two-by-Two Lodge #15, Royal Ark Mariners
1992 – Commander Noah
1994 – present – Secretary

1993 – Delaware College S.R.I.C.F.
2007 – Celebrant
2007 – 2020 – Chief Adept

1994 -Delaware Conclave – Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
2009 – Puissant Sovereign

1985 – Delaware Lodge of Research
1990 – Maryland Masonic Research Society

Scottish Rite
1997 – 32° – Valley of Wilmington, Delaware

Professional Work
1977-1995 -United Parcel Service
Local sorter, driver and the last 11 years in IT and Accounting management
1997-present – Social Security Administration
2011-present – Director of the Division of Resource Management and Acquisition– responsible for the planning and execution of a $1 billion annual budget. In addition, he is responsible for the procurement and installation of the agency’s desktops, laptops, printers and servers as well as the management of nearly all of the agency’s software and hardware maintenance contracts.
Personal Life
Mark lives in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania with his wife, Melanie. They have been married since 1990 and have a daughter Jessica. They love to travel and have explored much of the country.

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