2023 Triennial Crest

Report of they Committee on Technology

Report of the Committee on Technology
Submitted by RPC Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder

RPC Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder
Chair, Committee on Technology

Greetings Companions,
The Technology Committee started out the Triennium with some fairly lofty goals to assist the General Grand Council with it’s technology and communication abilities, facilitation and support of other efforts (Committees and Officers), and standardization and optimization of systems used for data and tracking. We have not accomplished all we set out to do, but many steps have been taken to accomplish some of the initial goals, as well as some circumstantial addons that have resulted from reassessment of priorities as we have progressed:

  1. Centralize and backup data storage and accessibility for GGR Office.
    1. Adopted Dropbox shared drive system and separate geographic locations.
    2. Implemented USB Backup devices.
  2. Standardize branding of the General Grand Council over all media.
    1. Work in progress, but forms, website, and all new artifacts are conforming to the branding elements created.
  3. Document all aspects of systems being used and implemented.
    1. Work in progress, documenting protocols and procedures once implemented.
  4. Revise the web presence to include translation.
    1. Accomplished using Google Translate – and for all supported sites.
  5. Create an online store.
    1. Initiated and rebuilt, currently supports most base products available for order.
  6. Create a Facebook Page.
    1. Created immediately after 46th Triennial and grown both in subscribers and usage by referencing website news articles.
  7. Develop an email newsletter.
    1. Decryption newsletter started in January of 2018 and continues to date with varied contributions and content for many different interests within the Craft. After starting with just 800 email names, and regimenting to CAN SPAM best practices with double-opt-in, grown organically to just under 2000 recipients with an average open over 50%.
  8. Create an online learning portal for Masonic Education.
    1. Registered rabboni.org, work in progress for creating online LMS.
  9. Explore a GGC App.
    1. On hold for other systems to be in place and operational.

Further, during this Triennium, other projects or impromptu services rose to become a part of the work:

  1. Replace the “Conference Folders” with a branded USB drive containing the files and forms normally distributed in paper form at our Regional Conferences.
  2. Implement online video conferencing for officers and committees to meet, offer as service to Grand and Subordinate Councils, Masonic Family organizations, and friends of the Craft.
  3. Implement and run a YouTube Channel for dissemination of “how-to”, education, and update information – initially used for this Triennial’s information.
  4. Several projects that Companions are currently working on – but we will not announce until we are able to show the working model and are ready for testing/implementation.

This committee thanks the General Grand Master for the opportunity to serve and contribute to the work of the General Grand Council.

Stephen A. Balke, GGR (NM), Chair
William Highsmith (NC), Decryption Editor
Roderick Wagoner, RIDGM (AZ) Programming POC
John Bridegroom, RPGG Sen. (IN) Branding and Marketing POC
James McNeely, RPDGM (CT) Video Conferencing Team Lead
Bryan Bechler, RPDGGM (WA)
Rory Byers (NC)
Roman Gallegos (NM)
Daniel Hanttula, MIPGM (OK)
Harry Jenkins (NM)
Geoffrey Joosten, AGR (WA)
William LeVeque, MIPGM (MI)
Jason L. (ROC)
John Miller, GR (FL)
Dennis Newman, GR (NE)
John Ridenour, MIPGM (WA)
Leonard Roughgarden (NM)
Dayle Schrock, MIPGM (FL)
Ben Williams (CO)
Dave Witte, MIPGM (MO)