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Report of the Committee on Technology

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Report of the Committee on Technology
By Patrick J. O’Sullivan, Chairman

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Greetings! This is a report of your General Grand Council Technology Committee. Let me say that this committee has taken the lessons of hardwork and commitment to heart. It has been a very productive year and much progress has been made. The team has been able to implement a single sign on capability. What’s that you ask? It means you will be able to log in once and have that login work across multiple sites, reducing the need for redundant logins or numerous usernames & passwords that you would have to track. While it may seem a simple thing to do, it is quite complex behind the scenes, as we need to ensure we maintain a thorough cybersecurity posture.

We have many other efforts underway and you should be seeing the fruits of our labors in the near term. There will be a new online “store” that will enable you to purchase everything from the GGC bowties to your medals for award recipients. We will be implementing various purchasing options, such as PayPal and Venmo to help make the transactions easier. Our largest effort, the General Grand Council “Hub” site as we are calling it now, is well underway. This is quite an undertaking, but ideally, will be the one stop shop for most things GGC related, to include Grand Recorded functionality.

I am keeping this brief, rather than bore you all with other efforts underway, such as database redesign/rearchitecting and forms management. I am always happy to provide more details as desired, please feel free to reachout and we can set up a time to chat.


Patrick J. O’Sullivan (Sully), MIPGM
Chair, General Grand Council Technology Committee