2023 Triennial Crest

Report of the Committee on History

Report of the Committee on History
Submitted by Anthony T. Johnson

Anthony T. Johnson
Chairman, History Committee


Let’s start off by stating the obvious that the history for the General Grand Council was not completed during this triennial. But there were items accomplished and I am sure that historic events occurred during the triennium that will need to be included in the General Grand Council History.

One of the first items that was accomplished was a review of previous historic items written for General Grand Council to determine the scope, layout and information that will be included in the next historic book written concerning General Grand Council. Previous works were culminations of items that happened not necessarily in General Grand Council, but within the membership. So, in this historian’s eye it was not truly a history of General Grand Council.

The second thing that was done was to acquire all the historic items, that included a lot of paperwork and other items, from the former Grand Recorder and Most Puissant had for General Grand Council. These are currently being scanned in so that they can be kept electronically for future companions to utilize or have for research. A good example of this is all the proceedings that have been converted to an electronic format and are now currently available to all Cryptic Companions.

Third some examples of how a new proposed format for doing the next history of Grand Council were sent to leadership for their approval. With the examples a recommendation was included. In my research, I determined that a true history of the General Grand Council had not been written and should be written up to the present day by using Triennial Proceedings and other historic documents of their actions between triennials. Then this needs to be done in the same manner for all of the regions that fall under the General Grand Council. That all being said it would be a multi-volume set and will require the efforts of all the regions to complete. It will also not be done over one Triennial, but will in the end produce a more complete history of General Grand Council given the companions are willing to support from their Grand Jurisdictions and the Regional Deputy Grand Master’s encourage and help get the information to the General Grand Council History Committee whoever that may be to be able to compile the information. It is very possible that regional volumes will be larger that the history of General Grand Council. But that is to be seen depending on the historic information and format that is used to compile them.

It has been a pleasure attempting to develop and format for the future history of our Cryptic Rite and in doing the research over the last three years. It has also been a labor of love in assuring that this research and information is put in a format that can be utilized in future year by Companions who have an interest in history and our craft. This concludes the Historical Report for this Triennial Session.


Anthony T. (AJ) Johnson
Chairman, History Committee