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Report of the Decryption Editor

Report of the Decryption Editor
Submitted By Will Highsmith, Decryption Editor

Will Highsmith
Decryption Editor


To the General Grand Master, General Grand Officers and Companions of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International,

At the Grand York Rite of North Carolina in March of 2019, MPC David Grindle, General Grand Master, asked while addressing the Grand Council that anyone who knew tech and was interested in helping the General Grand Council to come up to him after and speak to him. I did so and in April of 2019, I got a call from some guy named Stephen Balke who I now know as our General Grand Recorder. He asked me where I would be interested in helping and after a little conversation, I agreed to put together a Decryption Issue. I sent my tryout issue on May 7, 2019. I afterwards became Editor and the August 13, 2020 was my 46th issue. An issue can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

Companions, your General Grand Council can use your talents and energy to improve Masonry on an international level. I am a Grand Chapter Officer in North Carolina and Past Illustrious Master of a local Council. Your honorific doesn’t matter, just your willingness and desire to serve. If you are interested in sending in an article, providing feedback or assisting as part of the team, please e-mail me at wd@ggccmi.org

The First Decryption was sent out on January 3, 2018 with 1,062 recipients. Our August 13, 2020 issue was sent to 1,684 recipients. We added 189 new subscribers this year and had 62 unsubscribes or bounces. Over the last year, our open percentage is 61.72% and the click rate for those who opened if 26.21%. Our numbers are great for an e-mail newsletter, and we could use your assistance by spreading the word to other Companions about the Decryption and encouraging them to sign up.

There are several Companions who have provided invaluable assistance since I have been Editor:

  • Illustrious Companion Jack Holloway wrote many articles on the Bible and it’s relation to Cryptic Masonry.
  • Most Illustrious Companion John D. Barnes provided us with articles from a Trestleboard he did which we been using.
  • Right Illustrious Companion Jarod Stanley has provided puzzles such as logic puzzles word searches.
  • Illustrious Companion Adam Hathaway has been providing interesting education articles from members of the General Grand Council Education Committee and guest authors. Articles can be submitted to the Committee at education@ggccmi.org The following Companions have provided an educational article through the Committee: Committee Member IC Ben Williams and Guest Authors Comp. Phillip Houtz, Comp. James McCallion, MIC Mark Oldknow, IC Lane Pierce, Comp. Scott Schwartzberg, and IC Jay Williams
  • Illustrious Companion Brain Ragain, RN produced a series of articles detailing the work of CMMRF. These were a great addition and have furthered Companions’ understanding of our charity.
  • Right Puissant Companion Stephen Balke has been a great help gathering articles and regular contributors as well as providing information from the General Grand Council and Recorder’s Office. He has also been a great advisor and huge help. Thank you for everything and putting up with my questions and requests.
  • Most Pussiant Companion David Grindle, thank you for the opportunity to serve and your guidance when needed.

Thank you all for reading this, we would love to get your feedback, articles, and assistance.


Will Highsmith
Decryption Editor