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Report of the Credentials Committee

Report of the Credentials Committee
Submitted by IC Will Highsmith

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On July 9, 2020, the Trustees determined that an in-person Triennial was not prudent due to COVID-19. The Trustees quickly formed a Credentials Committee aka a Triennial Committee of twenty six Companions from around the world who had the necessary skills to help organize the Triennial. The Commitee was led by RPC Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder. Each Companion was assigned to a group and a specific task such as Tellering, Registration, Marketing, Web, and Translation. The Commitee met for the first time Sunday July 18, 2020 and met all subsequent Sundays except one through September 21, 2020.

Some of the tasks the Committee performed were:

  • Zoom Voting and Alternate Voting Preparation
  • Organizing Voting and Non-voting Registrants
  • Design of the Triennial Logos and Banners
  • Web Site Development and Content
  • Registration Setup
  • Meeting and Document Translation

Thank you to the following Companions for their service on this Committee:

David A. Grindle (Idaho)

John Miller (Florida)

Monty J. Glover (Hawaii)

Wil Moore (Georgia)

William G. Snyder (Missouri)

Marv Schendel (Minnesota)

Charles L. Hollinger (Florida)

Sean Gardiner (Minnesota)

Stephen A. Balke (New Mexico)

Heber Longhurst (Mexico)

Kevin Sample (Missouri)

Hazael Sotelo Navarro (Mexico)

Rod Wagoner (Arizona)

Rubens Caldeira Monteiro (Brazil)

John Bridegroom (Indiana)

Kennyo Ismail (Brazil)

Brian Dimatteo (Minnesota)

Jorge Henrique Valle dos Santos (Brazil)

William Highsmith (North Carolina)

Rodrigo Menezes (Brazil)

Mark Leo (Hawaii)

Paulo Peggau Zanella (Brazil)

James McNeely (Connecticut)

Rodrigo dos Anjos (Brazil)

Jared Stanley (Mississippi)

Jason L. (Taiwan)