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For General Grand Treasurer: James G. Baum – Introduction

For General Grand Treasurer: James G. Baum – Introduction

James G. Baum
Southwest Regional Deputy General Grand Master

Masonic Bio

Nomination Statement

Most Puissant General Grand Master and Members of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International:

My name is Robert A.L. Whitfield, a Past Illustrious Grand Master of Cryptic Masons of California, and a voting member of this General Grand Body of Masonry.

I would like to place into nomination for the Office of General Grand Treasurer, the name of James G. Baum, MIPGM, KYGCH of the State of California, to serve this General Grand Body of Cryptic Masons for the next Triennial Term.

I have known “Jim” Baum for the past 15 years. He has provided outstanding leadership across the board in Masonry, but his heart and soul lie within our Grand Cryptic Council. He presided in the Grand Council East, then became Executive Officer of our California Grand Sessions for several years, simultaneously serving as Grand Treasurer of our Grand Council. California can be a demanding state in an expectation for excellence. This man has delivered great results, not to mention enormous mentorship, year after year. He is now serving the General Grand Council as Southwest Regional Deputy GGM. The above brief history barely touches the surface of all the major roles he has managed to accomplish for Blue Lodge, Chapters, Councils, & Commandery.

Two years ago, California’s Grand YR made a very rare selection and conferred the 11th GYR Lifetime Achievement Award upon him. James “Jim” Baum would make a stellar addition to any team of Masons and he is humbly stepping forward to be your choice to become the next General Grand Treasurer of your General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons. I am asking you to strongly consider his candidacy.

Introduction Letter

My Illustrious Companions all –

My name is James “Jim” Baum and I am running for the office of General Grand Treasurer of our General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.

This year is a difficult period of health and political crisis that has affected Masons everywhere. I am raising my right hand in commitment to do my part to deliver strength, firmness and balance where we need it most. The stability of our General Grand treasury and a rock-solid leadership within the General Grand Council is a foundational responsibility. We all expect financial security. Without it, everything else becomes compromised. Programs that Grand Councils worldwide depend on for their future require a strong financial bedrock.

We all have a right, at the State and Country Grand Council level, to expect from General Grand Council outstanding leadership, a presence, and a distribution of needed programs to increase the Cryptic Mason brand in Masonry.

I intend to give everything to be a part of the Team that delivers that success.

My succinct background includes:

Southwest Regional Deputy General Grand Master of GGC Cryptic Masons International
Committee of Strategic Planning and Finances for our General Grand Council
11th Recipient of the California GYR Lifetime Masonic Achievement Award (1 per year)
Past Illustrious Grand Master and Past Grand Treasurer (7yrs) of California’s Cryptic Masons
Executive Officer and Chairman – many years, of the Calif. Grand York Rite Sessions
Member of ‘College of Honors’ of all 3 Grand York Rite Bodies
Past presiding officer of almost every other masonic body

I am asking for your support, your confidence, and most of all your vote for General Grand Treasurer at this year’s Triennial.

With my humble “Thank you”


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