2023 Triennial Crest

Legislation that will be or has been presented for this Triennial may be found on these pages.



During the first session of the 48th Triennial in Minneapolis in August 2021, the Constitution and Bylaws were amended to accommodate necessary changes.  At that same session, the General Grand Master directed that there be a General Review of our amended 10 year old Constitution and Bylaws.

After a General Review, there are two proposed resolutions that clean up language, clarify procedures and rules, and improve various directives toward Subordinate Councils and Grand Councils.  There is even an Article for forming Provincial General Grand Councils in areas where the Board of Trustees deem it to prudent and beneficial. Click the links below to download the PDF.

Resolution 48-01GR

Resolution 48-02GR

  • The Committee on Cryptic Jurisprudence has deemed these resolutions to be in due form.
  • The Committee is authorized in the resolutions to make stylistic and grammatical changes where necessary at any time.

These resolutions will be under consideration the third Session of the 48th Triennial Assembly at Branson, Missouri, on August 14th.