Designation of Subordinate Council Delegate
Proxy for Grand Council Dais Officer

Voting Mechanics

At times during the Triennial when voting is required, all non-voting Companions will be moved to a breakout room in Zoom.  After this is complete, the voting dialog will be presented to the remaining/voting Companions.  After the vote is complete and tabulated, the non-voting Companions will be moved back into the main room.

Voting at the Triennial

The general rules regarding delegates are still in place:

  • The Grand Council or Subordinate Council must be current with both an annual return and their per capita.
  • A member may only represent ONE organization.
  • Any proxy or declaration of representation MUST be accompanied by documentation received by the General Grand Recorder.

A decision by the Trustees, to accommodate the electronic medium and facilitate the voting is: ONE MAN ONE VOTE.

  • The only real effect is that proxies must be given to someone who is not currently a voting member in their own right, and a proxy may only represent one vote.
  • It should also be recognized that each delegate should connect to the meeting separately. Each connection will represent ONE VOTE ONLY.


The following are the authorized delegates.

  • Most Illustrious Past Grand Masters that are current members and served while a jurisdiction was an Affiliated Grand Council.
  • Dais Officers (Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Principal Conductor of the Work) from an Affiliated Grand Council in Good Standing or their designated proxy.
    • These positions are the only positions that allow a proxy.
  • The designated Companion of a Subordinate Council in Good Standing (only ONE per Council).
  • General Grand Officers