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By Companion G. Thomas Taylor
Most Illustrious Grand Master of Cryptic Masons in Delaware

Aaron's Rod
G. Thomas Taylor
Most Illustrious Grand Master of Cryptic Masons in Delaware

Over the last two years, I have witnessed the Leadership Team of the General Grand Council working together as a more responsive team.  In 2017, the Leadership set a goal of establishing better communication with the membership.  The result is the weekly decryption.  The weekly decryption is an opportunity to learn what the Leadership is doing, to read articles of Masonic interest, and provide feedback (articles from members are welcome).

The Leadership Team has made improvements in CMMRF.  The CMMRF website has been upgraded.  Innovative ways have been encouraged for fund raising for CMMRF. The changes have strengthened our ties with Indiana University who, in return, renewed their dedication to the goals of CMMRF.

It is the responsibility of the General Grand Council to provide stewardship of the CMMRF and to focus on member services.  I do have experience working on teams and am especially adept at fund raising.  I have overseen successful membership drives; providing direction and assistance to individual units.  By providing an outsider's view, I believe I can provide creative solutions for both of these areas.

Masons and non-Masons alike want a true connection with groups of like-minded men.  Men who want to better themselves and the community around them.  Men who are mission focused and values based.  It is the obligation of the General Grand Council to provide programs that can help individual men be better and to assist Grand Council’s spread the word.

I am honored to stand for election as the Principal Conductor of the Work for the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons in Louisville, KY in September 2020.  I respectfully request your support and vote.


Married to Sharon Smith Taylor; 3 grown children, George T. Taylor IV; Amy Taylor Wierschke; and Zachary Adam Taylor

Masonic History:
Past Master, St. John’s Lodge #2, New Castle, DE
Past High Priest, St. John’s Chapter #4 RAM, Newark, DE
Past High Priest, Hope Chapter #7 RAM, Georgetown DE
Past Illustrious Master, Gunning Bedford Council #1, Wilmington, DE
Past Illustrious Master, Joppa Council #3, Georgetown, DE
Past Commander, Trinity Commandery #3, Wilmington, DE
Past Sovereign Master, Keystone Council #113 AMD
Jesse Green Priory KYCH
Brandywine Forest Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Past Commander Noah,Two-By-Two Lodge #15 Royal Ark Mariner
Past Governor,First State York College #45
Associate Regent, York Rite Sovereign College
Past Excellent Chief, Delaware Council #18 Knight Masons
Sovereign Order of Knight Preceptors
Past Preceptor, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Past Celebrant, MSRICF
Past Grand Commander, Knights Templar in Delaware
Past Most Illustrious Master, Cryptic Masons in Delaware
33rd Degree, AASR, Valley of Wilmington, DE

Appendant Bodies:
Past Executive Officer, Delaware DeMolay
Member of the Supreme Council, DeMolay International
Secretary, Trinity Chapel #2 St. Thomas of Acon
Royal Order of Scotland

Past President, Vice President, Colonial School District Board of Education
Delaware School Boards Legislative Committee Member
Cisco Community in Schools Board Member

Declared Candidates for General Grand Offices

  • For General Grand Master: Monty Glover and continued service.
  • For Deputy General Grand Master: Bill Snyder - Looking to the Future...
  • For General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work: G. Thomas Taylor - Introduction
  • For General Grand Treasurer: James G. Baum - Introduction
  • For General Grand Treasurer: Chuck McCollum - Introduction
  • For General Grand Recorder: Stephen Balke - Serving on a GREAT Team

Declared Candidates for CMMRF Board

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